The majority of the volunteers is from the local community.
Developing the volunteers & Personal capacity building

We are in the process of sourcing funding to assist with the psychological development and empowerment of the volunteers. The majority of the volunteers reside in the local community. Due to circumstances in the community, they have developed and internalised a stigma of not being “good enough”. This programme offers them the opportunity to try and break this negative way of thinking.
It is of vital importance to empower and enrich the volunteers with life skills. This will enable them to plough their learnings back into their families, the congregation and the community in which they live.
Personal development ! We are registered with The Community Chest Association, to have our volunteers empowered through their various capacity building training courses. 
Childline will train the volunteers in various courses that deal with issues children face in their surrounding environment.
A Department of Social Development social worker will tutor the volunteers in understanding the Child Care Act.
Further Education! Three of the Masakhe Foundation volunteers that attend the Mom’s School are working at completing their matric. One of the volunteers will be starting at University next year. The person will be working towards his BA degree in teaching and was sponsored by an anonymous donor.
First Aid! 18 of our 26 volunteers graduated with First Aid Level 3 training and can now serve as first aiders at the After School, as well as in their congregations.


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The NAC Church in many of our communities has many active members who want to also do good for their neighbour. This vehicle is certainly one which has the capacity to realise this. MASAKHE FOUNDATION is committed into bringing tangible change and make a positive contribution to the upliftment and the building of our communities.

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